Together We Learn and Grow

Whāia te mātauranga kei tua.

Learning for life.

Our motto is Learning for Life and we are a school that:

  • provides programmes which are relevant, exciting and appropriate to student needs.

  • has a culture that is proud, positive, safe, caring, adaptable and resilient.

  • works in a team, where every one of its members participates for their own best and for good of others. Members of the College team are professional, ethical and committed in all aspects of their work. All are treated with respect and in return, are expected to show respect for others.

  • aims to provide an excellent education so that we are the first choice of not only the local community, but also for others who seek the quality education we offer our young people.

Our goal is to strive for excellence. As a school, we are fully committed to:

  • Our Students – to encourage them to make Putāruru College into the school that is best for them, a school which challenges them to be the best they can be, that provides them with the skills, attitudes and qualifications to make their dreams a reality.

  • Our Staff – to make Putāruru College into the school that would be best for their own children. A college where teachers have a passion for teaching and learning.

  • Our Parents/Caregivers – to be assured that Putāruru College provides a safe and happy environment for their students. That Putāruru College demands the standards and values which allow students to become successful and productive citizens in the community.

  • Our Community – to ensure that we have a college of which we can be proud, and which reflects the needs and aspirations of its young people. A college of first choice, not of convenience.