Together We Learn and Grow

Senior Leadership Team

Sharon Moller
Principal [email protected]
Rob Rogers Deputy Principal -Pathways and Partnerships [email protected]
Carli Last Deputy Principal - Inclusion [email protected]
Chantel Oosthuizen Deputy Principal - Innovation [email protected]
Tiniwaata Hill Cultural Leader, Dean, Kāhui Ako [email protected]

Learning Leaders

Eileen Carr HOPE/Science [email protected]
Simon James Numeracy across school
Suzanne Curphey Social Sciences/ Languages, Literacy across school, Kāhui Ako  [email protected]
Tanya Maxwell Years 7 - 8 [email protected]
Linda Nicholson Arts/Technology  [email protected]


Liz Hunter Dean l[email protected]
Leigh McManus Dean & SENCO Support [email protected]
Jodi Hollings Dean [email protected]

Teaching Staff

Steve Abernethy English/Agriculture [email protected]
Jade Argent Science [email protected] 
Jonathan Beesley English/Specialist Classroom Teacher [email protected]
Eileen Carr Science/Kamar/Lab Manager [email protected] 
Robyn Clark Mathematics / Science/Beginning Teacher Support [email protected]
Suzanne Curphey Social Science/Geography [email protected] 
Jan Duthie Year 7 [email protected]
Raewyn Ensor RTLB [email protected]
Chris Fifield Materials Technology [email protected]
Alan Grace Materials Technology [email protected]
Lynn Hawkes Food Technology [email protected] 
Tiniwaata Hill Te Reo Māori [email protected]
Marina Hireme Year 8/Tourism [email protected]
Jodi Hollings Mathematics [email protected] 
Liz Hunter P.E. / Health [email protected]
Simon James Maths/Reporting [email protected] 
Lanny Joe Film [email protected] 
Lynda Kersey Trades Academy Coordinator [email protected] 
Rose Lal-Phillips Maths [email protected] 
Carli Last Media Studies [email protected]
Rob Macdonald Guidance Counsellor [email protected]
Tanya Maxwell Year 7 [email protected]
Karen May RTLB [email protected]
Max McLaren PE/Health [email protected]
Leigh McManus Drama/English [email protected]
Melissa Miller English/Social Science [email protected] 
Harley Moore Art/PE/Art projectsTechnology [email protected]
Linda Nicholson Art/Photography/OSS/Art projects [email protected]
Chantel Oosthuizen Gateway [email protected]
Keegan Pitcher PE & Health/EOTC [email protected]
Robyn Reeve English/Social Studies [email protected]
Rob Rogers PE/Guidance [email protected]
Elias Scheres Year 8/PE [email protected]
Katelyn Schick Science [email protected]
Dave Shaw Business Studies [email protected]
Hamish Steven Social Science/History [email protected]
Alicia Taylor Year 8/PE [email protected]
Teresa Walker Digital Technology [email protected]

Support Staff

Joan Amopiu Teacher Aide  
Dale Anderson Student Services  
Priscilla Coveney Student Services  
Mark Ellis Groundsman  
Jennie Eyre P.A/Reception [email protected]
Shirley Gray Food Room tech
Heather Kinloch Teacher Aide  
Kightley Laaiva Property Manager  
Lyn Laaiva Executive Officer [email protected]
Abbie McCall Careers Advisor
Dendrum Ogle Teacher Aide
Ebony Spencer
Teacher Aide
Kim Spencer Librarian  
Dion Tahatika Pastoral Support  
Jenny Taylor School Nurse [email protected]
Linda Taylor Teacher Aide
Rebecca Vaughan Sports Coordinator [email protected]
Carolina Zaicu Science Technician