Learning for Life - Whāia te mātauranga kei tua

Senior Leadership Team

Mr. Mike Ronke Principal [email protected]
Mr. Steve Abernethy Deputy Principal [email protected]
Mrs. Marina Hireme Assistant Principal [email protected]

Curriculum Leaders

Ms. Eileen Carr Science [email protected]
Mr. Isaac Crandell-Tanner English [email protected]
Mrs. Suzanne Curphey Social Sciences [email protected]
Mrs. Renee Draffin Mathematics [email protected]
Mr. Tiniwaata Hill Te Reo Māori [email protected]
Ms. Tanya Maxwell Years 7 - 8 [email protected]
Ms. Linda Nicholson Arts and Technology [email protected]
Mr. Rob Rogers P.E. and Health [email protected]
Mrs. Margaret Brunton Careers / Gateway [email protected]

Deans / Pastoral Care

Mr. Rob Rogers Pastoral Coordinator [email protected]
Mrs. Renee Draffin Curriculum Coordinator [email protected]
Ms. Linda Nicholson Academic Dean [email protected]
Ms. Leigh McManus Dean [email protected]
Mrs. Kersty Stephenson Dean [email protected]

Teaching Staff

Mr. Rakesh Anand Mathematics [email protected]
Mr. Jonathan Beesley English [email protected]
Mr. Anthony Berkers P.E. / Health [email protected]
Ms. Robyn Clark Mathematics / Science [email protected]
Mr. Alan Grace Technology [email protected]
Ms. Lynn Hawkes Technology [email protected]
Mrs. Liz Hunter P.E. / Health [email protected]
Mrs. Cathy Kent Science [email protected]
Mr. Doug Lang Techonology [email protected]
Ms. Carli Last English [email protected]
Ms. Leigh McManus Arts [email protected]
Mr. Harley Moore Technology [email protected]
Mr. Marko Olls Technology [email protected]
Mrs. Robyn Reeve Year 7 [email protected]
Ms. Katelyn Schick Science [email protected]
Mr. Dave Shaw Social Science [email protected]
Mrs. Kersty Stephenson Technology [email protected]
Mr. Hamish Steven Social Science [email protected]
Ms. Alicia Taylor Year 8 [email protected]

Support Staff

Joan Amopiu Teacher Aide
Dale Anderson Student Services
John Birks Property Officer
Priscilla Coveney Student Services
Mark Ellis Groundsman
Jennie Eyre P.A/Reception
Heather Kinloch Teacher Aide
Lyn Laaiva Executive Officer
Gillian Robbins Student Services
Kim Spencer Librarian
Bonnie Taylor Teacher Aide
Jenny Taylor School Nurse
Carolina Zaicu Science Technician