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Write You World - Impact Project

This term, students in the Write Your World Impact Project have been writing narratives that connect to their lives and the local area. Two young writers have written short stories or novel extracts, which are excerpted here. Please click on the links to read the full pieces by these talented young Putaruru College writers.

The Window to Adulthood by Tayla Smith (Year 10)

...Can you still remember what joy tastes like? What about the feeling of being the king as you climb that tree, that served as our kingdom? Do you still get that chill of touching your feet to the water and slowly sinking till your head is submerged in the lake? Do you remember walking through the damp bush, hearing our echoes whispering back? Looking at the small dots of light that live in the rocks, twinkling like stars. Letting us breathe for a minute in peace? I do...

Read the full piece: CLICK HERE

For Every Hello There’s a Goodbye by Toni-Louise Cochrane (Year 9)

I wake to high pitched screams in my ears. I try to open my eyes but only one does as I ask. The other one’s swollen shut. That's when the pain sets in; excruciating pain devours my entire body. I’m in a small room with four paper white walls, I lay on a hard white bed with white sheets in a white gown. Every breath is misery, where am I? What happened?...

Read the full piece: CLICK HERE